Over the coming months we'll be announcing a full list of 'Spotlight' features we'll be having at the show.


We’re happy to announce we've got you a replica of the staff jeep from Jurassic Park, JP29, which was ridden by John Hammond. It is also seen in the new Jurassic World movie, as the vehicle Zach and Gray Mitchell fix.

The company bringing it may even have an animatronic baby Triceratops, some night vision goggles, and a few other props as well for your enjoyment.


Derby Comic Con is pleased to announce all the way from Radiator Springs a lifesize replica of Disney's car Lightning Mcqueen made with love to bring smiles all around .  Come have your picture with Lightning take hold of the Piston Cup and join in the fun ka-chow!


We all love Mad Max right? We’ll here’s your chance at Derby Comic Con to grab a picture with a replica of his V8 Interceptor!

This iconic car was seen in Mad Max 2 in some awesome car stunt work. This one a road registered car and has driven through the wastelands of Europe, all the way to Venice and back.

It packs a V8 4 litre engine which produces 285hp, so outrunning the Scavengers on the way to find more fuel is a piece of cake. But you don’t have to out run it – just come and see it.

If you are interested in how the owner made the car – then you can watch videos on his YouTube channel that shows its development. youtube@ExploringwithRich.


Dare you set foot into the dark side of cake?

Karen Mitchell, the multi award winning cake artist from SugarliciousCakes is here to delve you deep into the mysterious world of horror and fantasy cakes.

Each cake you see is completely uniquely sculptured with love and FEAR. Specialising in horror, comic and fantasy genres, Karen's one-of-a-kind creations are perfect for all you cake lovers with a twist out there, ranging from birthdays all the way to huge events.

Bringing back the movie classics to life in edible form, take a bite out of your favourite movie monster, just watch out, it might bite back!

At the show you'll be able to see some of Karens amazing sculptures with cake!


Finish off your super hero look with a face paint by Stacey's Rainbow Faces! Or why not make your arms sparkle with the range of glitter tattoos available, lasting up to 10 days there's plenty of time to show them off to your friends.

You'll find our face painting team inside the venue waiting to create amazing designs just for you!

95 BATMOBILE (The Spider)

Last year we got you 'The Tumbler' from the Dark Knight series of films - this year we are really treating you and are bringing 'The Spider' from Val Kilmer's 95 film Batman Forever. Check this out.


We all love the Terminator films, not just because Arnold Schwarzenegger stared in them, but at the time they were made they were at the forefront of SFX and cinematically genius.

And that’s why we thought we’d like to give you a closer look at just some of the costumes and props worn by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick.

The terminator display is a look at the films through the years it consists of life size and film used props - all are welcome to have photos with Arnie and the T800 for free – it’s your chance to take home some memories of Hollywood!
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