Cosplay weapons & props

Whilst we encourage you to dress up as your favourite characters, please do not bring any real blades, chainsaws, axes and guns (without red tips) or anything that could be deemed dangerous to the public as we will confiscate them on your entry into the show.

Banned items

Decommissioned & Real Guns/rifles
BB Guns and Air Rifles
Blades of any kind
Metal props

You can bring plastic, resin, foam and soft wood props only.

This is not to ruin people’s enjoyment, but to ensure everyone’s safety.  All visitors to the show will be checked by security scanners before entry.  

Remember:  If it’s illegal to carry on the street – it’s also illegal in our shows.

JAMES EL SNELLEKSZ (Renegade Ranger)

James has been cosplaying for about 4 years and has done plenty of charity events travelling up and down the UK meeting sick children - and has even been invited to a party or two.

We think he’s being modest and think it’s a fair few, especially when you realise that he is endorsed by the original Power Rangers themselves.

Everyone at parties and conventions including the guests (such as Dean Cain) has loved his costume and we know you will too!

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I have been involved in cosplay and costuming work for over 10 years. In my 10 years I have covered everything from your standard comic film conventions to running my own agency called Tru Entertainments. I have bought and made many costumes both for myself my team mates which includes Characters such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Assassins Creed, Batman, Spiderman and many more but my most used and popular character is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean which I have been doing for over 7 years. Since being Jack I have raised thousands of pounds for various charities and done many childrens hospital visits aswell as paid work up and down the country. I hope I can continue to do this for many more years as it not only brings myself happiness but I love the fact I can make others smile, young and old alike.


I have been cosplaying almost two years now but I have always enjoyed dressing up and anything creative as well as being a huge geek! My favourite character is Harley Quinn as I am a huge batman fan. I try as much as possible to build/make my own costumes and get them as accurate to the character as possible. I also prop build so make my own weapons etc..

As well as the four versions of Harley quinn I currently do (arkham city, dc bombshell, classic and suicide squad) I also cosplay Jessica rabbit, Edward Scissorhands, elsa, angelica teach (from pirates of the carribean) and my own pirate creations. Cosplaying has given me the confidence I never had and I have met many awesome people doing cosplay many of which I am very proud to now call my friends
Instagram: cloudedkitty
twitter: thecloudedkitty
youtube: cloudedkitty


Every show needs a hero and Derby Comic Con is no different!

This year Ironman - MK 39 Starboost will be making an appearance thrilling fans and to pose for those amazing photographs you all love to take!

Be sure to find him at the show!


When it comes to cosplay Claire Rainbow is a genius!

She’s thrilled us for two years with her renditions of Catwoman, Valek (Nun from The Conjuring 2) and even a female Riddler from the Batman franchise. But at Derby Comic Con, she’s doing none other than that old time favourite (And hardly ever seen at conventions) - Cruella Deville from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

Claire’s version of Cruella is based on the Glenn Close cinematic character released in 1996 – and here’s a taster for you as we know you’ll love to get pics of here at the show!

ICC(international Charity Cosplayers)

International Charity Cosplayers was founded in 2014 by John Nursall.

"We have brought together like minded Cosplayers from all over the country to help raise money for charities at events and comic cons up and down the UK. Since 2014 we have grown to almost 150 members and gained ambassadors from the world of TV and film with the likes a Peter Shinkoda and Zara Pythian from the Marvel Entertainment Universe, Miltos Yerolemou from Game Of Thrones, Paul Warren and Phil Hodges from Star Wars and Martin Ballantyne form Batman and also Stunt performer Rob Ho .

As we continue to grow we hope to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charities and keep bringing smiles to the faces of people everywhere."

Supporter for 2017 Mesmereyez


Back for their second year is the East Midlands Garrison. EMG are a small group of passionate Star Wars enthusiasts who love trooping. They also a mini garrison that tend to follow them around (mainly because they our kids) including Lil Annekin, Jawas, Lil Leia and an Ewok.

EMG will be out and about at the event this June patrolling the queues and keeping order inside.

Don’t be shy asking for photos as they love to pose with you!


I have been cosplaying since 2009 and have been to many convention across England and abroad including Paris and America cosplaying as characters mostly from Anime I've also cosplayed from Film, Comics and games. I’ve learnt many skills through cosplay from makeup and sewing to wig styling, I love helping new people get into the hobby and enjoy sharing my experience with others.

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Photograph credits – Papercube Photography, Aleskop Photography and Ismiaella Cosplay
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